DEBRA LEARY, MT CLT - Operations Manager, Lab Supervisor

Debra holds important leadership positions at Anchor Medical Group and Wellness Center. As Operational Manager, Debra directs the overall management of the practice. As the Laboratory Supervisor she is responsible for the high standards that Anchor’s laboratory is designed to reach.

Debra also works closely with Dr. Amy Pearsall, the Medical Director, to ensure that our patient experience is the best in the New England region.

Debra’s academic degree is in Laboratory Medical Technology.

NANCY DAVIDSON, R.N., MSN, CNM - Nurse Practitioner

Nancy Davidson is an Nurse Practitioner with over 25 years of clinical experience. She is currently a Clinical Associate Professor of Obstetrics at a leading Boston hospital where she is responsible for teaching medical students and resident physicians in the field of obstetrics. Nancy has been with Anchor Medical Group since 2016 and enjoys welcoming patients and assisting them with laboratory procedures and in accessing general medical services in their communities. Nancy also speaks Spanish.

DANIELLE CRAIG - Office and Administrative Manager

Danielle is an experienced healthcare administrator with an academic degree in Healthcare Information and Technology. At Anchor Medical Group she uses skills in patient advocacy and knowledge of insurance, practice management and operations to coordinate a pleasant “front desk experience” for our patients.

For over ten years Danielle has been dedicated to individuals in the Recovery Community and the fighting bias and discrimination on behalf of those seeking wellness.

Danielle is well known to be able to keep a “cool head” when handling any crisis situation. Danielle knows almost every patient by name!

SUSAN CHICCO - Director of Special Projects

Susan came to Anchor Medical in March of 2016. Her previous position was at an American Heart Association training center, scheduling and teaching CPR/AED and first aid courses. Her passion has always been in educating and helping to empower others.

She enjoys learning about the metaphysical and spiritual realm. She feels it is her purpose to share the many holistic tools available which aide in self healing, such as yoga, creative expression, self reflection and meditation. She is a level II Reiki Energy Healer and Oracle card reader. 

Her most recent pride comes from bringing the medical directors' vision of a patient art wall to life in Walpole! The works of art displayed at our Walpole location bring such gratification and joy to the patients and staff. She looks forward to bringing the many other dreams to fruition while supporting the patients along their journey of healing and self discovery.

NICOLE DUPREE - Director of Business Services

Nicole has over ten years of experience of working in the medical field, including Cosmetic Dermatology/Surgery Office Management, Emergency Medicine intake coordination and Psychology Service Operations. Nicole is currently the Director of Business Services at Anchor Medical Group and Wellness Center.

Nicole considers herself fortunate to be contributing to a profession that she is truly passionate about. Helping others traveling through their journey of recovery and healing is what she considers a most rewarding career.

Nicole is appreciated by her co-workers for her ability to combine good humor while multitasking her many responsibilities.

NICHOLAS MONTICELLO - Laboratory Technician

Nick started his work in the medical field as an EMT before working for Anchor Medical Group and Wellness Center. Currently working as the lab technician under Debra Leary, he is pursing his degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. Nick is happy to be working in the field of substance abuse, because he sees it as opportunity to enjoy the work he does while helping others.

ANN HARRIS - Medical Assistant

Ann is a Medical Assistant and Greeter here at Anchor Medical Group and Wellness. Ann has cared for people in the healthcare capacity and customer service all or life. Patients enjoy Ann’s easy-going and friendly approach.

DENISE MASSEY - Medical Assistant

Denise joined Anchor Medical Group and Wellness Center in 2016. She has many years of experience working with people in a variety of ways including as an EKG technician, a licensed Aesthetician and as a Medical Assistant. Patients enjoy receiving Denise’s polite and welcoming greeting when they arrive at Anchor for appointments